Patrón de prueba 15: Patrones

This short piece works almost like an exquisite corpse kind of exercise on video synthesis creation, and what could come when losing a little bit of control. The sixty memory banks of a 16 x 8 matrix get programmed with all kinds of different patterns, but just caring about the resulting drawings on the led panel that indicate the possible intersection of columns and rows. Then, several signals are connected on half the inputs. The outputs are then routed to generate video, but also to be processed by different filters and effects, and then those resulting signals go to the rest of the inputs on the matrix. This is done completely randomly, without even trying to compose any discernible image. The work explores the resulting video patterns that get formed going through all the memory banks on a single take, without adjusting any settings. Just watching patterns generating patterns.

Año: 2020
Duración: 6' 33''
Especificaciones técnicas: norma pal (HD), color, sonido estereo