Una pila de vida [Battery's life]

The work begins as a simple proposal to record the wearing out of four toy's batteries: a musical train, a plane, a remote control jeep , and a portable game console. From the beginning, on the (false) parallel editing, we can witness the moment of glory in the lives of these children devices, where even on its smallness their force is really patent, their thunderous ride, versatility, ingenuity (and engineering) employed in its design. But after a while that record gets odd. The automatic and monotonous proceed of the toys (that even on the controlled action of some, never escape what they were programmed to do) becomes tedious, and generates the need to alter this austere and rigorous record, to make it more tolerable. The initially not planned interaction between these four toys and a fifth, omnipresent, is born: the camera.

Year: 2010
Duration: 41'
Technical specifications: PAL (HDV), color, stereo sound