emisión / difusión [broadcast / diffusion]

A TV transmission as an artwork. BROADCAST / DIFFUSION is basically an object that acts as a generator of audiovisual content, as well as a transmitter via radio waves within the frequency band reserved for broadcast television. The work completes itself on the form of the simultaneous transmission and display of such content on receptors, which are ordinary tv sets, without any internal or external intervention. With a programming that makes focus on the anti-TV content (as a pirate or television media terrorism), but not with a message against technology, but with the goal of generate some reflection on the mass medium for excellence, of how and why it was a state and corporative controlled medium since the beginning. As part of the programming, it is also broadcast how easy is to access it, through instructions to guide and encourage the viewer to build a similar device.

Year: 2014
Pirate TV transmission
Technical Specifications: arduino MEGA board, DIY TV transmitter, several CRT tv sets

Honorable Mention on the 103° Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales, on the New Media and Installations cathegory - (link)