explosión:cosmos:frecuencia:ruido [explosion:cosmos:frequency:noise]

Background cosmic radiation is a sort of electromagnetic radiation discovered in 1965 that entirely fills the universe in its immensity. Many cosmologists consider this radiation the main evidence of the Universal Big Bang, produced by the continuous and lasting echo of the first photons that escaped it. At the same time, it is one of the main conclusive evidences of the origin and expansion of the universe. This radiation can be observed in TV sets, when nothing is tuned, in what we call static or snow. Precisely, it is made up of 1% of the frequency emitted at the very first moments of the universe.

In an exercise similar to that performed by the characters of Cortázar or Anotonioni, Plano aims to enlarge the image of radiation live, and thus compel it to disclose what it suggests. It presents a daisy chain of cameras in which each one receives and enlarges the image before passing it to the next one, obtaining increasingly bigger close-ups of the radiation. The frenetic final stage arouses more astonishment than certainties.

Year: 2015
Video Object
Sizes: wide 150 cm, depth 65 cm, height 140 cm
Techincal specifications: CRT tv set, four 5" CRT monitors rack, 17” proffesional CRT b/w monitor, 5 analog security cameras