"Video is the thought of film" is a synthesis of the reflection of Godard, on the role this format has had since its introduction in the history of the moving image.
'97 is part of a series where automated VCRs make ​​the work of archivists and researchers in the pre-digital era, manipulating footage, hoping to bring new looks and reflections about linear-access technology.

On '97, made as a kind of self-portrait, a playthrough on the two oldest pieces of personal footage of the author is performed: the commercial video made during his highschool graduation trip, and the family footage of his 18th birthday, separated temporarily for just over a month. The machines look for the author in the tape, fast forwarding it where he's not displayed, and plays at normal speed, pause or advancing frame by frame them, when he suddenly appears.

Year: 2015
Non synchronized two channel video object
Technical Specifications: arduino UNO boards, 14" profesional CRT video monitors, professional VCRs